What are the conditions for receiving the adoption allowance?

When you adopt a child, you are usually entitled to an adoption allowance. Here is a summary of the conditions:

  • The adopted child is part of your family.
  • The adoptive parent or (marriage) partner is legally resident in Flanders.
  • The adopted child meets the conditions for receiving the Child benefit (e.g. child with disabilities, study and education , school leaver, and so on.)
  • You submitted an application petition for adoption to the family court, be it for a minor or for an adult child. If you are adopting a child from abroad, you must be able to present a foreign adoption decision or a foreign decision to place it with a view to adoption.
  • An adopted child from abroad is entitled to the adoption Startbedrag under certain conditions. To find out more,please contact MyFamily.
  • The adoptive parent or spouse/partner did not receive a birth allowance or maternity allowance for the child.

An example                         
Steven Jacobs is very attached to his stepson and wants to adopt him. He is not entitled to an adoption allowance if the mother with whom he lives already received a maternity allowance for his stepson.

Who applies for the adoption fee?

The persons who adopt the child apply for the adoption allowance. This may be a single adoptive parent or adopter, the spouses or cohabiting partners who adopt the child.

When should you apply for the adoption fee?

You can apply for this adoption allowance once you have submitted the application for adoption to the court, until up to 5 years later. The child does not have to live with your family at that time. However, we will not pay the amount until your child lives with you.

Adoption fee, adoption allowance

How do you apply for the adoption allowance?

  1. Send us a copy of the application for adoption that you submitted to the court. For adopted children from abroad,  you should also enclose a copy of the foreign adoption certificate. You can do so via our maternity allowance application or by sending an e-mail to info@myfamily.be. You can also send this to us by post. You can find the address on our contact page.
  2. In most cases, we will automatically review your right to an adoption allowance. An application for an adoption allowance is not compulsory, but may speed up the review. You can also call us or send an e-mailfor further information.

Who receives the adoption allowance, when do they receive it and how much is it?

If you adopt a child alone, you will receive the adoption fee.

If you adopt a child together with your spouse/partner, we will pay the adoption allowance into the account of your choice. Once we have received the necessary information and documents, we will pay you as soon as possible.

For every child you adopt, you will receive an adoption fee of €1.190,68 in Flanders. Each family only receives one allowance (birth or adoption) for each child.

Does adoption of an orphan give rise to an entitlement to orphan’s benefit?

In the case of ‘ordinary’ adoption, the child may be entitled to an orphan’s benefit on the death of both a legal and an adoptive parent. In the case of ‘full’ adoption (where there is no connection with the natural parents), only the death of an adoptive parent will give rise to orphan’s benefit. For more information, please contact your child benefitcoach.


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I've applied for an adoption allowance. Do I still need to apply for child benefit?

If you’ve applied for an adoption allowance, you do not need to apply for child benefit. We automaticly investigate your entitlement on Child benefit.

You did’nt apply for an adoption allowance yet? Apply here for your adoption allowance. Our child benefitcoaches wil do the rest.

How much is the adoption allowance?

In Flander, for every child you adopt, you receive an adoption fee of € 1.190,68.

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