When can you apply for the adoption allowance?

You can apply for the allowance as soon as you have filed the application for adoption with the court, until five years thereafter.

Who can apply for the allowance?

The persons adopting a child.

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How can you apply for the allowance?

  1. Send us a copy of the application for adoption that you filed with the court. For adopting children from abroad, you should also include a copy of the foreign adoption deed.
  2. As a general rule, we automatically check whether you are entitled to an allowance. An application for adoption allowance can speed up the process. You can also call us or send us an e-mail in this regard.
Download here the application form (in Dutch)

We also look at your right to monthly child benefit alongside your right to an allowance, meaning you need not submit a separate application.

Who receives the adoption allowance?

If you adopt a child on your own, you receive the allowance.

If you are adopting a child together with your partner, you may choose which of you receives the allowance. If you do not make a decision, the allowance will go to the youngest parent.

How much does the allowance amount to?

For each child that you adopt, you receive an allowance of €1.167,33.

Every family receives an adoption allowance or childbirth benefit once for each child.

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