What is a Starting amount (maternity allowance)?

Previously, you probably knew this as the maternity fee or the maternity allowance. The Starting amount is a one-off payment of € 1.190,68 that you receive when you are expecting a child. You will receive the Starting amount from two months before the birth of your baby. Are you expecting twins or multiple births? Then you will receive € 1.190,68 for each child you welcome into your family.

Applying for a maternity allowance takes just a few simple steps

You can submit your application while you’re pregnant or after your child is born. Just click on the button below, fill in your details and the Child Benefit Coaches at MyFamily will take care of the rest. Rest assured, applying for your maternity fee is really easy to do.

If you prefer not to submit your application online, please download this application form, complete it and return it to us by post.

When should you apply for Starting amount (maternity allowance)?

You can apply for Starting amount at any point after you find out you’re pregnant.

However, we can only pay the Starting amount after we’ve received a medical certificate stating you’re at least five months pregnant. You can apply for the maternity allowance now. If you’re worried you’ll forget to submit the certificate with everything going on surrounding your pregnancy, don’t panic! We’ll send you a reminder when you need to contact your doctor or gynaecologist.

When will I receive my Starting amount or maternity allowance?

Once you’ve applied for your Strting amount and provided us with a medical certificate stating you’re at least five months pregnant, the maternity allowance will be in your account two months before your child’s due date at the earliest.

I’ve applied for my maternity allowance or Starting amount. What happens now?

How much do you receive as a Starting amount or a maternity allowance or maternity fee?

First child€ 1.190,68€ 1.238,82€ 1.238,82
Subsequent child€ 1.190,68€ 563,10€ 1.238,82

Note: These are the current amounts. The amounts are subject to indexation each year in September. You might therefore receive a different amount if your child is born before September.

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What’s the difference between a Starting amount, maternity allowance and maternity fee?

In reality, there aren’t many differences at all. All three are a premium you receive when your child is born to allow you to give your child the best opportunities in life, right from the start.

However, the names, amounts and rules vary depending on where you live. In Flanders, Starting amount is the new name for what we previously called maternity allowance or maternity fee. In Brussels and Wallonia, we still refer to it as maternity allowance or maternity fee.

What happens after your child has been born?

 You applied for the Starting amount or maternity allowance before the birth

In this case, you can rest easy. Your local municipality will notify us when your child is born. We’ll then start paying your child benefit automatically.

If you’re curious to learn how much you’ll receive in child benefit, you can calculate it here.

 You didn’t apply for a maternity allowance before the birth

You can still apply for maternity allowance after your child has been born. Apply using this online form and you’ll soon see the Starting amount in your account. We’ll also arrange for the payment of your child benefit as soon as your child is born.

Applying for a maternity allowance or Starting amount is a wise move

That way you get all the benefits your family is entitled to.

If you’re expecting a baby, apply for maternity allowance. This one-time maternity fee is part of the child benefit. As soon as you can wrap your amrs around your child, you’ll automatically receive monthly child benefit. You don’t have to apply for it.  Apply for your maternity allowance

If you don’t receive child benefit and haven’t applied for Starting amount, you can apply for child benefit.

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Frequently asked questions

What do you need to apply for maternity allowance?

Applying for a maternity allowance is easy. We only need information from the future parent, such as a national registration number, account number and contact details. If you’d like to receive maternity allowance before your child is born, please provide us with a medical certificate indicating the expected due date as soon as you’re five months pregnant. Apply for your maternity fee online here.

If you have a question but couldn’t find the answer you were looking for, check out our other frequently asked questions. You can also contact one of our child benefit coaches, who’ll be happy to help!

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