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Baby on the way? Applying for your ‘Startbedrag’ is easy!

You can apply for your ‘Startbedrag’ during your pregnancy or even when your baby has already been born. Simply click on the button below and MyFamily will arrange everything for you.

Apply for your Startbedrag

If your ‘Startbedrag’ has been requested and approved, you will also start receiving the ‘Groeipakket’ after the birth. This will happen entirely automatically, without any fuss or paperwork. The process could not be easier.

Also important to know

Who can apply for the ‘Startbedrag’?

Either future parent can do this.

Who will receive the money?

The money is always provided to the mother.

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What is the ‘Startbedrag’ for your baby in Flanders?

You will receive the same amount of €1 167,33 for each child that is born.

When will you receive the ‘Startbedrag’?

You can expect the ‘Startbedrag’ to arrive in your account two months before your due date at the earliest.

What should you do after giving birth?

Will your child be registered in Flanders?

In that case, you should provide us with an original copy of the birth certificate. You will receive this document when you register your child with the registrar.

You can send us this document by email or by post. MyFamily will automatically start the ‘Groeipakket’ payments as soon as your child is registered in the population register.

What if your child lives in Brussels or Wallonia?

In that case, you need to apply for your ‘Startbedrag’ there.

What if your child does not live in Flanders, Brussels or Wallonia, but in another country of the European Economic Area (EEA)?

– If you are in employment or self-employed in Belgium on the day of birth, we can pay out the ‘Startbedrag’ in another country under certain conditions.
– If that other country is France or Luxembourg, make enquiries there to see if you can get a birth allowance.
Tip: If your child is not born in Flanders, make sure to register it in Flanders as soon as possible.

What if your child is born outside the European Economic Area (EEA)?

– In that case, you will receive the ‘Startbedrag’ if your child is entitled to child benefit from the first day of the month of the birth and if it is not already entitled to child benefit in Brussels or Wallonia, in another country or pursuant to a parent’s employment with an international institution, such as the United Nations.

If you have been seconded abroad by your employer, but are still subject to Belgian social security contributions, contact us so that we can check whether you are entitled to the ‘Startbedrag’.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact MyFamily and we will be happy to help.

What should you do after giving birth?

If you are a self-employed mother and you have always paid a minimum contribution because your self-employed activities are your main occupation or because you contribute to the self-employed activities of your life partner, you are entitled to 105 service vouchers after the birth of your child. MyFamily and Xerius will be happy to arrange this welcome maternity support for you.

Apply for service vouchers
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Apply for your ‘Startbedrag’

Simply click on the button below and MyFamily will arrange everything for you.

Apply for your Startbedrag

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