MyFamily considers the employer and their employees. We monitor your administration around child benefit in a comprehensive and personal manner and always carry out payments correctly and on time. That is what you find important, and that is what we find important, too.

We are there for you.

Child benefit is an important, but complex business. We give a training session on the child benefit legislation in your office. We do not offer dry legal language, but clear, practical applications that are relevant for you.

Together with SD Worx, we ensure an increase in efficiency, as all your administration falls under one roof. Naturally, you are also welcome if you work with a different social secretariat. We will be happy to answer your questions. You can always contact us by e-mail, telephone or fax for a swift response or drop by one of our MyFamily/SD Worx branches for a personal chat.

Each quarter, we issue the Child Benefit Newsletter in which you can find all practical information and the latest news about child benefit, meaning you remain up-to-date about the most important developments.

For parents, we have created My Child Benefit, where they can view their file 24 hours a day online. We offer them help. It is important that they find the way to this helping hand. In this way, we ensure that your employees are also satisfied with you choosing MyFamily.

Become affiliated to MyFamily

If you still do not have a child benefit fund, contact us and we will help you further. If you take on staff, you have 90 days to become affiliated to the child benefit fund of your choice. Should you wait longer than 90 days, you will be automatically affiliated with Famifed.

Switch to MyFamily

Are you affiliated to another child benefit fund? If so, no problem! We will help you switch to MyFamily. When doing so, bear in mind the cancellation conditions of your current child benefit fund:

  • Compulsory affiliation period: The compulsory affiliation period must be terminated to switch to MyFamily. This usually amounts to four years unless you are officially affiliated to Famifed. In the latter case, the compulsory affiliation period amounts to the year of affiliation and the following year. In this regard, submit your termination to your current fund by registered letter.
  • Cancellation period: The cancellation period is 30 days from the first day of the last month of the quarter with your current fund (1 December, 1 March, 1 June or 1 September).
  • Your termination takes effect in a new quarter: When you submit the termination, this will only come into effect at the beginning of the following month in the quarter. MyFamily therefore takes over the benefit payment as from the second month in the quarter.

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