Are you entitled to the Groeipakket in secondary education?

You are unconditionally entitled to the Groeipakket until the month your child turns 18.

If your son or daughter is in secondary education, education for social advancement, private education or education with a limited curriculum, you will continue to be entitled to the Groeipakket for your child from the age of 18 until the age of 25, provided that you can tick both boxes below:

  • Your child completes at least 17 class or internship hours1 a week and attends class without any unauthorised absences. If your student child is receiving vocational secondary education (Beroepssecundair Onderwijs or BSO), the number of class hours does not matter.
  • Your student child works and doesn’t earn too much. Click below to find out the exact limit.
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1 The following are counted as class hours:

  • The traditional compulsory school hours under the supervision of teachers at the school
  • The compulsory supervised study hours at the school (up to 4 hours a week)
  • The compulsory internship hours required to obtain the qualification

Will you also receive the Groeipakket during the school holidays?

Sure, your Groeipakket continues as normal during the Christmas, Easter and summer holidays. If your son or daughter stops going to school after the summer holiday, you will receive the Groeipakket until the end of that summer holiday.

The law assumes that this holiday ends on 31 August and lasts no more than 4 months. If the summer holiday takes longer, the extra period falls under the 12 months for school leavers.

Note: your student child must not work and earn too much during the school holidays. Otherwise you may (temporarily) lose your Groeipakket.

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