You are under the age of 18

There are no limits on how much you can work up to and including the month of your 18th birthday. Easy, right? This means until this point, your entitlement to the Groeipakket is unconditional. Your Groeipakket does not restrict your ability to study or work.

You are over the age of 18

Once you are 18, , there are a few conditions to meet if you want to work. To keep receiving the Groeipakket when you are a student or school leaver, you may:

  • Work up to 475 hours per calendar year with a student contract.
    • As a student, each year you are allocated 475 hours to work with reduced social security contributions (= with a student contract). This often means you only pay a solidarity contribution of 2.71% of your gross pay.
    • From hour 476 on, your allocation has been used up and you will pay the standard social security contributions, which are slightly higher at 13.07% of your gross pay.
  • Work up to 80 hours per month with a standard work or employment contract.
    • If you have a standard contract, you also pay the standard social security contribution of 13.07%.
    • You will remain eligible for the Groeipakket if you work fewer than 80 hours per month. If you work over 80 hours in a month, you will not receive the Groeipakket for that month.
  • Not be in receipt of social benefits
  • Not be registered as self-employed as your main profession, or pay contributions in your main profession

We do not take your pay into account. Integration income and remuneration for volunteer work do not affect your Groeipakket. Note: an income replacement allowance (IVT) may have a negative impact on your Groeipakket. Please get in touch for more information.

Working more?

If so, you will not receive the Groeipakket for the months in which you worked too much. If you meet the conditions again later on, you will be entitled to the Groeipakket again provided you are studying or are a school leaver.


There are a few special cases to take into account:

  • If you work while studying in a system of vocational training with work experience, as part of a practical on-the-job training set-up, or under a paid internship agreement which is required in order to obtain your diploma, these hours are not counted.
  • If you receive a healthcare allowance, you must meet these same conditions to keep receiving it. The basic amount will continue to be paid. Working in a custom work company – a sheltered workplace – is always allowed.

You will no longer be entitled to the Groeipakket from the month of your 25th birthday.

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Any questions?

Get in touch: our Groeipakket coaches will be happy to help you.

How much are students allowed to earn?

The amount you are allowed to earn is only important when it comes to tax. It does not affect your Groeipakket at all. You will continue to receive the Groeipakket for as long as you are a student or a school leaver working below the maximum number of hours.

The tax authorities do not look at how many hours you work, but at how much you earn. If you earn too much, you are no longer considered a dependent of your parents and will have to pay tax yourself above a certain threshold.

The maximum you can earn each year:

  • Your parents are taxed jointly: €7,045 gross.
  • Your parents are taxed separately: €8,920 gross.
  • Your parents are taxed separately, and you are recognised as a person with support needs: €10,570 gross

Do you earn more while working?

If so, you are no longer a dependant of your parents and they will have to pay more tax. Do you also earn over €12,842.85 gross annually? If so, you also have to pay tax yourself.

Would you like to have more information about this subject? You can always take a peek at Student@work.

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