For whom does the general regulation for employees and the self-employed apply?

The general rules and amounts for child benefit are based on the employee, but the regulation also applies in several other situations:

  • You are an active employee.You work under contract and are subject to social security contributions in Belgium.
  • You are self-employed.
  • You are an employee with equivalent days.You are still under contract to your employer but do not work for them for a short period (e.g., holidays, strikes, career breaks, temporary unemployment, severance pay in the event of dismissal).
  • You receive replacement income for (occupational) illness, disability, unemployment or retirement.
  • You are in a special allowance situation.

For persons who are not employees, adapted conditions are available in order to receive child benefit. These vary according to your family situation and your child’s situation.

Changing job

When you change employer, we receive notification immediately through the Crossroad Bank for Enterprises. If your new employer is affiliated to a different child benefit fund, we transfer your entire file to your new child benefit fund without interruptions in payments. If you decide to become self-employed, we receive notification immediately through the Crossroad Bank for Enterprises, too. We then look at which fund is authorised to make your payments in the future.

Are you entitled to child benefit?

Your entitlement to child benefit is determined per quarter based on your work performance. If you do not know which child benefit fund you are affiliated to, we can help you further here

All the information we need will be passed onto us by the Crossroad Bank for Enterprises. You therefore need not do anything.

If your entitlement to child benefit changes when you get a job or become self-employed, you immediately receive child benefit for the current quarter and the following quarter. Thereafter, we monitor your employment situation as a matter of course.

What if you stop working or go to work abroad?

Try to inform us as soon as possible. This will allow us to determine up until when you are entitled to child benefit if you stop working, and how you can continue to receive child benefit if you go to work abroad.

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