Children who return home are equal, too.

If your child was not entitled to the Groeipakket or child benefit for a certain period – because they lived in another part of the world, for example – but will reside in Belgium again after 1 January 2019, you are also entitled to this basic amount of € 171,49 per month for this child.

For example
Kim’s son spends an extended period with his grandparents in China. He has no Groeipakket entitlement or child benefit entitlement. As of 7 February 2019, Kim lives with her mother again, which means that Kim is entitled to receive € 171,49 per month from 1 February 2019.

Tip: Were your children born before 1 January 2019? You can calculate for yourself how much you will receive using MyFamily’s handy Groeipakket calculator.

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When do you have entitlement to the basic amount?

Does your child live in Flanders? Is your child a Belgian citizen or permitted to reside in Belgium? If so, you have Groeipakket entitlement.

On occasion, this also applies if your child lives abroad. When, exactly? Read more about it here.

Until what age does your child have an entitlement to the basic amount?

It’s simple: until the month in which your child turns 18 years of age. This right is unconditional, which means that work, studies and income do not play a role.

Does your child require special support? In this case, this unconditional right applies right up to the month of their 21st birthday.

Your child can receive the basic amount up to the cut-off age of 25. In this case – if your child is a student or school leaver – certain conditions must be met. Not sure about your situation? Don’t hesitate to contact your Groeipakket coach.

How do you receive the basic amount?

It’s very simple: you select a payment institution that (as the name suggests) will pay your Groeipakket. You’re probably already aware that MyFamily is a great choice, but here’s why just in case:

1. MyFamily makes it simple for you.

We take the administrative burden (which is often complicated) off your shoulders. All you have to do is click and our Groeipakket coaches will do the work for you.

2. Our handy tools mean that you will always receive the Groeipakket to which you are entitled.

At MyFamily, we want to be one big family, which is why we welcome you with open arms.

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Who can receive the Groeipakket?

This depends on your official family composition. Based on the composition, our Groeipakket coaches pay the basic amount to:

  • Both parents. They are both beneficiaries and choose the bank account into which the basic amount will be deposited. This applies even if they don’t live together.
  • The youngest parent if the father and mother can’t see eye to eye.
  • The guardian(s) if the child doesn’t live with one of their parents.
  • The young person themselves if they live alone, are married or have children themselves.

Your current situation doesn’t correspond to your official family composition in the National Register? Or perhaps you have other questions? Our Groeipakket coaches are on hand to listen to your queries.

Can’t open a bank account or cash a cheque because you are unable to sufficiently prove your identity, for example? If so, you can appoint somebody to receive the Groeipakket in your name, such as your partner, a family member or a friend. You can also opt for a public institution or an association with a social purpose, such as a supervisor at the Public Centre for Social Welfare. Our Groeipakket coaches are well versed in every situation. Feel free to knock on their door.

When will your basic amount be paid?

MyFamily pays your Groeipakket on the 8th of the following month (each month). We will deposit your money from May on 8 June, the money for June on 8 July, etc.

If the 8th of the month is a holiday or weekend, we will pay the amount even earlier: on the last working day before the 8th.

Are you entitled to past Groeipakket payments? MyFamily will pay these amounts as quickly as possible. We go as far back as five years.

An example:

Remember Kim’s son? Let’s say the son returned from China on 14 March, and that Kim applies for the Groeipakket for her son on 10 May. MyFamily will immediately arrange for the Groeipakket to be paid for the months of March and April. Because 8 June is a Saturday, we will pay the month of May on Friday 7 June. Kim also receives the Groeipakket in every subsequent month.

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Payment calendar

MonthDay of payment
January 20227 February 2022
February 20227 March 2022
March 20227 April 2022
April 20225 May 2022
May 20227 June 2022
June 20227 July 2022
July 20225 August 2022
August 20227 September 2022
September 20226 October 2022
October 20227 November 2022
November 20227 December 2022
December 20225 January 2023
  • Please understand that MyFamily requires a few days to process a new application. However hard we try to process an application that arrives on the 7th of the month, we simply cannot pay the allowance the next day. However, you can rest assured that MyFamily will pay your allowance as soon as possible – with retroactive effect if necessary.
  • You will receive the child care allowance on the 20th of the following month. If, for example, you have arranged for your child to go to nursery in March, you will receive the child care allowance for this month on 20 April. If this day falls on a holiday or weekend, MyFamily will pay the amount on the next working day.
  • You will receive your universal participation allowance on 8 August together with your Groeipakket.

From school premium to universele participatietoeslag

Universal participation allowance” is a complex term for a simple principle: it’s a school bonus. Legislators refer to “universal”, as all children can receive this allowance whether or not they are studying.

You are entitled to the universal participation allowance if you are entitled to the Groeipakket in the month of July. You will receive both amounts together by 8 August at the latest, i.e. your Groeipakket and your universal participation allowance.

It’s also good to know that MyFamily pays this bonus automatically. You don’t have to lift a finger. The amount depends on the age of your children:

0 to 4 years of age€ 21,65
5 to 11 years of age€ 37,88
12 to 17 years of age€ 54,12
18 to 24 years of age€ 64,94

What other allowances can you receive?

You will always receive a Groeipakket tailored to your family situation. This is why you may be able to receive other allowances on top of your monthly basic amount of € 171,49 and your annual universal participation allowance.

You do not have to do anything to receive these allowances, as your case is reviewed automatically. Once the situation has been reviewed, MyFamily will ensure that you receive the support to which you are entitled.

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Do you still have questions? Our Groeipakket coaches will gladly be of help.

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