If you are ill or unfit for work without benefits, you may still be entitled to child benefit. Simply make an enquiry with one of our child benefit coaches.

If you are ill or unfit for work with benefits, you are entitled to child benefit in the following cases:

  • You receive one of the benefits below from the health insurance fund in Belgium:

Illness benefit
Disability benefit
uitkering voor Occupational illness benefit
Maternity benefit

  • You receive benefits from an insurance company after an occupational accident.
  • You are self-employed and are in one of the following situations:

Your incapacity for work is recognised.
You are unfit for work due to an accident.
You are unfit for work due to illness.

We receive the necessary information concerning your illness or incapacity for work automatically from the Crossroad Bank for Enterprises and then determine whether you are entitled to child benefit. You therefore need not do anything yourself. We review your situation each month.

From the seventh month of illness or incapacity for work, you may be entitled to a social allowance on top of the child benefit.

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