Annual 2% child benefit indexation for all families

The indexation in September 2022 has increased the basic amount by 1% from October. The Flemish government has also decided to index child benefit by 2% each year from now on. This means that child benefit will go up by 2% in 2023 and 2024.

Some families will also get an extra 1% increase this year. If the two oldest children in your family were born before 2019, their child benefit will also be indexed by 1% for the month of December. Their monthly amount will therefore be higher from January, as you receive your child benefit around the 8th of the following month. The child benefit for families with children born from the 1st of january 2019, will also increase with 1%.

indexering groeipakket, indexering kinderbijslag

Families with a social allowance or care allowance get more

If your child benefit already includes a social allowance, you will get a one-off, additional allowance of €100 for November 2022. This amount will be paid in December. Such an additional allowance of €100 will also be paid in May 2023.

From December 2022, the current social allowances will also go up by €15 per month. This means that from 8 January 2023, you will get additional financial support each month. This is separate from the additional indexation of the basic amount for some families. You will therefore get €180 more for each child on an annual basis.

 71,000 more children will be getting a social allowance from 2023

The Flemish government provides social allowances on top of the basic amount to help make families on lower incomes more resilient. An adjustment of the income thresholds means that 71,000 children who previously did not receive this allowance now will.

New lowest income threshold

You are entitled to a social allowance if your total family income is less than €34,526.91 per year (previously this was €32,882.77). 20,000 more children are eligible for this.

New social allowance thresholds

From April 2023, 51,000 children will receive a new social allowance of €35 per month.

You must meet the following conditions:

  • You have one or two children who are entitled to child benefit.
  • Your family income is between €34,526.91 and €40,281.40.

This group also receives a one-off, additional allowance of €100

For April 2023, all families who receive a social allowance will also get a one-off, additional annual allowance of €100. This extra annual allowance will go to the children who already received a social allowance in 2022 and the 71,000 additional children. This extra allowance will be paid around 8 May.

You can find all information and social allowance amounts here.

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