Living together is not the same as cohabitation.

It is finally happening: you are living together in your own place. However, that is not the same as actual cohabitation under the law. That is only the case if you can tick the following boxes:

  • At least both of you are registered at the same address.
  • You are not related within the third degree by blood or by affinity. This means that you are not each other’s brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister or cousin.
  • You each make a financial contribution to the household.

If there is any suspicion of actual cohabitation and you would like to refute this, drop by the local council with a supporting document, such as a rental contract.

Are you entitled to the Groeipakket or allowances?

First of all: you don’t have to do anything yourself when you are getting married or remarried or when you are moving in together. MyFamily receives this information via the Crossroads Bank. We will then check whether you are entitled to the Groeipakket, whether you can obtain allowances and whether there are any changes to your Groeipakket. If that is the case, we will let you know right away.

  • As far as your Groeipakket is concerned: if you have children from a previous relationship already, you will continue to receive the same basic amount.
  • However, the introduction of the Groeipakket has changed the rules for allowances. More detailed information is provided below.

Are you entitled to the Groeipakket or allowances?

The term single-parent allowance has been replaced with the term social allowance since 1 January 2019. If you received a one-parent allowance before that date, you may be entitled to a social allowance, depending on your family situation and income.

Find out more about the social allowance

Orphan's supplement, orphan's allowance and allowance for minors with one deceased parent.

If your partner is deceased and you received the increased orphan’s supplement before 1 January 2019, this will be cancelled when you get married or move in with a new partner. You will then receive the Groeipakket basic amount.

Should your partner pass away after 1 January 2019, you are entitled to an orphan’s allowance or an allowance for minors with one deceased parent. You will keep this allowance when you remarry or move in with a new partner later in life.

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