Why MyFamily works with Mama Baas

Because Mama Baas combines no-nonsense information and tips from experts with genuine stories from real mums. A wealth of experience enables Mama Baas to offer specific answers to questions from parents experiencing very different circumstances. Our collaboration also perfectly matches our mission to give children and families more opportunities. Both our organisations support the same message: to make parents happy and give them useful information that offers them more opportunities.

About Mama Baas

Mama Baas means Mum’s Boss. It was founded by two mums and is aimed at women looking to have children and mums with children aged 0 to 12.

In motherhood or parenthood there is no black or white. That’s why Mama Baas brings together as many different stories and experts as possible. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another. What matters is that you are not afraid to write your own story together with your family.

Advice and information from a mum/dad or expert

Mama Baas works with a regular pool of mums and dads, all with different profiles, and offers well-researched articles by experts including general practitioners, paediatricians, remedial teachers and gynaecologists. That is because we ourselves – and undoubtedly many parents – sometimes have very practical questions to which we want clear answers. Visit the Mama Baas website.


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