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How much Groeipakket will you receive?

The ‘Groeipakket’ is not calculated in the same way as the child benefit. The amount will be different for every parent and every child.

If you were already receiving child benefit before 1 January 2019,
you will continue to receive the same amount for your child(ren). There is no need to submit a separate application.
If you want to know how much you will receive, use our Groeipakket Calculator to see how much Groeipakket you can receive in the current system.

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What does the Groeipakket consist of?

  • The basic amount: a fixed amount that appears in your account each month, € 171,49. More information about the basic amount.
  • The school bonus: an amount you receive in August to help you pay for school costs. This amount evolves with the age of your child.
    • 0-4 years old: € 21,65
    • 5-11 years old: € 37,88
    • 12-17 years old: € 54,12
    • 18-24 years old: € 64,94
  • Possible supplements, for extra support:
    • a care supplement for orphans, foster children and children with specific support needs. (between € 87,41 and € 582,73, depending on the number of points allocated by the evaluating doctor of ‘Kind & Gezin‘)
    • A social supplement for children from lower-income families. (between € 54,12 and € 86,59 per child, depending on the family income, the number of children, the date of birth of your children)
    • A participation supplement for children receiving childcare or education.
      • child care allowance: € 3,43 per full day of care
      • Kleutertoeslag: € 137,96 per year, paid once after the 3rd and 4th birthday
      • School allowance: the amount varies depending on the education that your child is following, in increasing order from kinder garden, primary and secondary education

For a convenient overview of all amounts, take a look at our free ‘Groeipakket’ tree.

Download your ‘Groeipakket’ Tree

When will you receive the money?

The Groeipakket money you receive covers the previous month and arrives in your account on the 8th of the month at the latest. For example: the amount for January 2020 will arrive in your account on 8 February 2020 at the latest.

You will receive some extra money in August. That is the annual school allowance.

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