Nationality or residence requirement

To receive the Groeipakket in full, you must meet the nationality or residence requirements. This includes the basic amount and the education allowance.

If you are a Belgian national, you meet the nationality requirement for receiving the Groeipakket.

If you are not a Belgian national, you have to – deep breath – be permitted or authorised to be resident in Belgium or be settled there in accordance with the Act of 15 December 1980.

Briefly, this means you are permitted to reside if:

  • you have a class A – H residence permit,
  • you are legally resident for reasons of family reunification or another reason,
  • you are recognised as a refugee or have subsidiary protection,
  • you are an unaccompanied foreign minor,
  • or you are a victim of human trafficking.

If your residence permit is granted for studying, volunteering, or au pair work, you may not receive the basic amount, though your children can.

Exception: Foster families

If a foster child stays with a foster family continuously for more than one year, the child is exempt from the residency requirements for the education allowance.

Who has to meet the nationality or residence requirements?

First and foremost, the child must personally meet these residence requirements.

Scenario: your child does not meet the requirements, e.g. because registration procedures take a long time, meaning the child is not yet registered. However, you, the child’s parent, are a Belgian national or have a valid residence permit. In this scenario, your child would be entitled to the Groeipakket excluding the education allowance.

What about the Startbedrag?

As an expectant mother, you have to meet the residency requirements to receive the Startbedrag.

If you meet the requirements, you can receive the Startbedrag 2 months before your due date (at the earliest). Make sure you apply in good time.

If you do not have a residence permit (yet), you will have to wait until your child is born. Your Groeipakket coach will then look at when we will be able to pay your Startbedrag.

You do not need to look into this yourself, as your Groeipakket coach will do it for you.

Living abroad

Do you live abroad? No problem: you do not need to meet this requirement.

Please contact us

Things can be complicated, which is why you can contact your Groeipakket coach at any point if you have questions.

Your residency permit is checked automatically, so don’t worry when applying for a Groeipakket. We’ll look into everything for you and let you know about the outcome.

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