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Will the child be returned to the parents soon?

This is referred to as short-term foster care or perspective-seeking placement. It usually lasts a few months, although this period can be extended. In the meantime, the foster care service helps the parents improve their home situation.

The parents receive a foster care allowance of € 66,89 per month. The purpose of this is quite noble: to help maintain the emotional bond with their child. For example, they can use the allowance to pay for phone calls to their child, transportation costs for visits or even a birthday present.

As the foster parents are raising the child, they receive the Groeipakket, which may consist of the basic amount and any other supplements.

Will the child stay in a foster family for a longer period of time?

This is long-term foster care or perspective-based placement. It often lasts for several years, sometimes until the child has reached the age of majority.

In that case, the foster parents will receive the monthly foster care allowance of € 66,89 in addition to the Groeipakket itself, helping them to forge a close bond with the child. At the same time, the foster care service tries to maintain the bond with the real parents to as great an extent as possible.

One other thing...

There are other forms of foster care, such as supportive foster care and crisis care. However, the legislature did not include these in the Groeipakket decree. As a result, unfortunately you will not receive a foster care allowance in these cases. You can find out more on the Pleegzorg Vlaanderen [Foster Care Flanders] website.

The foster care allowance is paid automatically.

If a child is moving to a foster family, MyFamily receives notification from Pleegzorg Vlaanderen. We then immediately look into who receives payment of the foster care allowance from us: the legal parents or the foster parents.

This allowance applies from the month following the start of the placement. The first payment is then made on the eighth day of the following month, along with the Groeipakket.

Example: The child is placed with the foster family on 5 March, on a perspective-based placement (i.e. for a longer period of time). The foster parents are therefore entitled to the foster care allowance from the following month (April). They will receive the first payment on the eighth of the next month (May), along with the Groeipakket.

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