Why MyFamily works with Vlieg and vzw publiq

Vlieg is a project by vzw publiq aimed at families with children up to age 12.

Together with Vlieg, we want these families to stop and think about the importance of culture and leisure in their children’s lives and thus ‘make the world a better place’. Projects such as Schatten by Vlieg and MyFamily-UiTagenda are a concrete reflection of this collaboration with publiq.


Publiq facilitates public leisure opportunities by making sure people and activities come together. To this end, publiq translates the wide range of culture, youth and sports activities into a clear and challenging whole via various communication channels and events. Some well-known publiq creations include UiTinVlaanderen, UiTmetVlieg, UiTPAS and the museum pass.

Find and connect

Publiq connects people with activities and with each other by making sure they come together. People who want to engage in cultural or leisure activities tend to look for inspiration within a 30 km radius of their home. Websites, magazines and leaflets with the recognisable UiT label show the quickest way to find activities, which may be just around the corner or a bit further afield. They do this on a national, regional and local level. publiq has created Vlieg (Fly) especially for families with young children. Vlieg is a recognisable and playful label that makes the range of cultural and leisure activities for kids up to age 12 more visible everywhere.

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