As a school leaver, you are entitled to the Groeipakket for 12 months.

This period starts on the first day of the month after…

  • … your 18th birthday, if you are no longer studying after this time;
  • … your 21st birthday, if you are entitled to a healthcare allowance at that time and are not studying;
  • … the holiday period, if, at the end of the school year, you decide not to continue your studies. This is on 1 October (if you are in higher education) or 1 September (if you are not in higher education);
  • … the end of your studies, if you stop studying during the course of the school year;
  • … you submit your final dissertation;
  • … the end of your internship that you completed in order to be appointed as a public official or after you took a break from the internship.


You no longer need to register with the Flemish Office for Employment and Vocational Training (VDAB) as a job seeker in order to receive the Groeipakket as a school leaver.

Even more important

We strongly recommend that you register. This is necessary in order to ensure that you receive an interim allowance or unemployment benefit after your time as a school leaver.

Are you allowed to work during this period?

Yes, but only under certain conditions.

Read more about it here.

Do you want to start studying again?

This is possible, too. If the 12-month period as a school leaver has not yet ended, this status will cease and you will once again become a student who is entitled to receive the Groeipakket.

After completing your studies, you will continue where you left off for 12 months as a school leaver.

What does the health insurance fund do for you?

Are you planning on working? If so, you will need to register with a health insurance fund. Are you currently looking for work? If so, you can register after your waiting period.

Your health insurance fund takes care of the reimbursement of medical fees (doctor’s/dentist’s appointments, admission to hospital, etc.). The reimbursed amounts are the same for each health insurance fund. Did you withdraw from the job market due to illness? If so, your health insurance fund will check to see if you are eligible for sickness benefits and will pay them to you.

Your health insurance fund also provides a range of additional benefits designed to make your life healthier, safer, more enjoyable or easier. This package is different for every health insurance fund. You should therefore make sure to find out which health insurance fund best meets your expectations. More information is available on the OZ health care fund website (Dutch only).

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