You are paid the education allowance automatically

If you already receive the Groeipakket, you do not need to submit an application. Our Groeipakket coaches automatically investigate whether you are entitled to the education allowance. The allowance will be paid into your account if you are entitled to it. It couldn’t be easier.

The education allowance is paid annually between September and December. If you fail to receive a payment you believe you are entitled to in December, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Note: If your child is going to college or university, you will no longer receive an education allowance. You may instead be entitled to a study grant, known as a scholarship. You must apply for the scholarship through the Ministry of Education. You can find all the information at

Remember: Don’t confuse the education allowance with the school bonus! Every family automatically receives the school bonus in August. The payment amount varies depending on age.

Not (yet) a recipient of the Groeipakket?

Does your child attend a school in an educational institution recognised, financed or subsidised by the Flemish Community? but you do not (yet) receive the Groeipakket because you live in Brussels, Wallonia, or a neighbouring country, use the button below to apply for the education allowance.

Apply for the education allowance
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When are you entitled to receive an education allowance?

If your child attends preschool, primary school or secondary education in Flanders or Brussels or is following an HBO5 Nursing training course and is at a school recognised, subsidised or financed by the Flemish Community,

then you are entitled to an education allowance if:

  • your child meets the nationality conditions;
  • your child is registered at a school and attends regularly; and
  • your family income meets the conditions.

Exception: Children who are home-educated, are educated in a hospital, are receiving second-chance education (CVO) or are privately educated (except at Eureka, Leerwijzer, Safe and Sint-Ignatiusschool) are not entitled to an education allowance.

The education allowance is available until the child is 22. If your son or daughter is following an HBO5 nursing training course or attending a special needs education establishment (BUSO), no age limit applies. Important: for HBO5 Nursing and BUSO students over the age of 25, please contact us.

Now let’s take a closer look at the various conditions.

Condition 1: Nationality

Children meet this condition if they are Belgian nationals or if they are allowed to live in Belgium with a valid residence permit.

Is your son or daughter not a Belgian national? Please take a look at this page on Nationality.

Condition 2: Regular school attendance

If your child does not meet the school attendance threshold, they will no longer be eligible for an education allowance. Attendance is checked annually at the end of the school year.

What is the attendance threshold? You can find this information here.

Condition 3: Your family income

We check the income of the family with whom the pupil lives on 31th of August of the current school year.

The following people’s incomes are counted when calculating the family income:

  • both cohabiting parents or guardians; or
  • the parent or guardian and the person with whom they constitute a de facto family; or
  • the married, single or independent student and the person with whom they constitute a de facto family.

Family income means the total sum of your sources of (taxable) income and benefits. This may not exceed a threshold which depends on your family circumstances (personal hardship score). We also take your “outside use” cadastral income into account.

Exception: Foster families

If a foster child stays with your family continuously for more than one year, the child is always entitled to the highest education allowance based on their field of study. This is not subject to any financial conditions.

How much education allowance will you receive?

For preschool and primary education

Minimum amountMaximum amount
Preschool/€ 107,47
Primary education€ 125,41€ 195,04

For secundary education

Minimum amountMaximum amount
Married, single, or independent student in fulltime secondary education€ 738,91€ 3.387,57
Student in the 3rd year of the 3rd level of full-time technical or vocational secondary education

Not at boarding school: € 290,80

At boarding school € 751,52

Not at boarding school: € 1.173,24

At boarding school: € 1.928,75

Other forms of fulltime secondary education

Not at boarding school: € 242,24

At boarding school: € 626,27

Not at boarding school: € 977,60

At boarding school: € 1.607,24

Work-study system€ 203,70€ 556,98
Higher vocational education (nursing training)

Not at boarding school: € 859,98

At boarding school: € 859,98

Not at boarding school: € 1.256,34

At boarding school: € 3.773,03

If you want to calculate for yourself whether you will receive the minimum or maximum allowance, an allowance in between the two or even an exceptional allowance, you can easily calculate your education allowance here.

Numbers making your head spin? We get it. Don’t worry. Our Groeipakket coaches are available to help and will explain everything clearly and in full. Don’t hesitate to contact them.

Who receives the education allowance?

This depends where your child lives.

  • Does your child live in Flanders?
    If so, we will pay an education allowance to the person(s) receiving the Groeipakket.
  • If your child lives in Brussels, Wallonia or the German-speaking municipalities, we pay the education allowance to the parent(s) or guardian(s) with whom the child officially resides.
  • If your child lives abroad, the education allowance will be paid to the parent(s) or guardian(s) with whom the child is de facto resident.

Always let MyFamily know if your family circumstances change

Be sure to let us know if:

  • your child moves out and lives alone;
  • your child marries or starts cohabiting;
  • a child for whom you receive a Groeipakket joins your family;
  • a child entitled to a Groeipakket leaves your family;
  • there are people over the age of 25 in your family who are in higher education (including a second bachelor’s or master’s degree);
  • a member of your family is recognised as being disabled (this is only required if your family does not live in Flanders).

If you would like to find out more, our Groeipakket coaches will be happy to help you. Please contact us.

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