Who should complete the CI test?

The test is only for de facto families if you have cadastral income in “outside use”, meaning you and your partner own property and land other than your own home. We do not include your own home.

The CI test only applies if all of the following criteria apply to you:

  • You have outside use real estate;
  • The indexed outside use cadastral income was more than €1,250;
  • You do not receive an integration income (or equivalent);
  • And no more than 70% of your income comprises maintenance (paid to you by your ex-partner), replacement income (sickness, unemployment benefits), income-replacing allowances (IVT), and/or a survivor’s pension.

If you do not have “outside use” real estate or do not meet all of the criteria above, congratulations: you do not have to do the test.

Let’s take a look at Jos as an example to make things clearer:

Jos has a second house, which he rents out. The cadastral income from this property is €1,000. Jos is self-employed and does not receive income from any other means.

Now we want to work out the indexed CI. To do so, we multiply the CI – which is €1,000 – by 1.8492 (2020 index). The indexed CI is 1,849.20. This means Jos has to pass the CI test to receive a social allowance or education allowance.

The CI test in 3 steps

You can work out the CI test in 3 steps.

  • Step 1: Multiply your outside use cadastral income by 3. This gives you X.
  • Step 2: Divide your family income, excluding your cadastral income, by 5. This gives you Y.
  • Step 3: Compare X and Y.

Is X less than or equal to Y? Congratulations! You’ve passed the CI test.

Is X more than Y? You have not passed the CI test.

Let’s take another look at the example of Jos to make things clearer:

His indexed outside use CI is 1,849.20. His annual income from self-employment is €25,000.

The following therefore applies:

X = 1,849.20 x 3 = €5,547.60

Y = 25,000 / 5 = €5,000

Conclusion Jos does not pass the CI test. His cadastral income (X) is too high when compared against his other sources of income (Y).

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What happens after the test?

Did you fail the CI test? If so, you are unfortunately not entitled to a social allowance or education allowance,  even though your professional income is slightly lower.

Did you pas the CI test? If so, you can receive a social allowance or education allowance regardless of your family income.

Did you previously own land or property which has now been sold, or has a house been included in which you currently reside? If so, please get in touch with us. We will be pleased to resolve the matter for you.

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