Why MyFamily works with VBOV

MyFamily wants to offer more opportunities to children and the families in which they are growing up. One of the ways it aims to do this is by entering into logical partnerships. Pregnancy is a period in which a family prepares for new life. That’s why it was a logical step for our organisation to enter into a collaboration with VBOV vzw, the Flemish professional association of midwives.

ABOUT VBOV vzw – Flemish professional association of midwives

VBOV promotes ‘a midwife for every pregnant woman’. The midwife is a pillar of support during this special period. Midwives are available both outside and inside hospitals through various organisations. Midwives work with other care providers to provide the best care for mothers and children that is tailored to the family. If you are looking for a midwife in your area, we can help you with your search here. (link to the part about finding a midwife in your area).

Advice and information from a midwife in your area

MyFamily supports midwives with advice. They can offer you the correct information you need during this period.

Visit the VBOV website and find a midwife in your area for pregnancy counselling.

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